Sea To Seed Episode 1 | We Sail

One dreamy coastal night many months back, we set sail on the third Sea to Seed adventure.  The inspiration for this journey was a desire to use art as a platform to help promote the work of those who we respect so deeply:  the farmers. Upon those fruitful explorations, the vision of Sea to Seed was born. We gathered all of our favourite musicians on a sailboat to cross the Salish Sea. Along the way we organized community gatherings on the beautiful farms nestled on the islands we visited, sharing in feasts and dancing the night away. 

2017’s Sea to Seed saw Over Grow The System join forces with Guayaki to nurture the seed that has now grown into Come To Life Music.  It is no surprise that many of the artists we gathered for the tour, including Rising AppalachiaDustin ThomasPeia, and The Tailor, are now part of the Come To Life family. 

In this episode we share the story of what it means to tour by sailboat. It was truly a unique experience, as emphasized by Dustin Thomas:

“No billboards, no traffic lights, no stop signs. To be able to tour surrounded by nature, diving into pockets of nature and farms and communities- man, it was super good medicine. Being with everyone out on the water, day after day, getting to know each other in such different ways, [are] such potent reminders every step of the way of how we can live.”



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