Quitting Your Job To Farm on a Quarter Acre In Your Backyard?

Via Epic Gardening

My friend Steven Cornett just quit his job. He quit so he can start his NEW job…farming in San Diego on a quarter acre in his backyard.

His farm is called Nature’s Always Right, because he believes that the best way to grow is to study natural systems and emulate them in his urban plot.

In this video we do a DEEP dive into every aspect of his farm as well as where he’s at in the journey. I HIGHLY encourage you to go subscribe to his channel for more urban farming goodness!

2 YEAR UPDATE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/Zpn1oGkQrrg

1:47 – Overview of Plot

6:55 – Chicken Coop Design

11:14 – Chicken Feed and Watering

13:58 – Compost & Fertility

16:29 – Black Soldier Fly Larvae Production

19:25 – Vermicomposting

22:25 – Carrot Tips and Row Planting

27:07 – Post Processing Station

31:12 – Final Thoughts!

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