We are Nature – A poem by Garden of Existence

We are Nature:

Gardener, watch and listen and breathe.
See the ever changing light of your world.
Hear the life that calls out to the rising sun and falls silent again at it’s setting.
Feel the air circling in and out of your lungs in a continuous loop of empty and full
and empty again.
Breathe Gardener, breath is the sacred thread. The moving, flowing strand that weaves you into the tapestry of life, on this, our holy Mother Earth.
Do you feel that? Do you Gardener? Do you see that you are of the Earth?
You are not some lonely, separate creature wandering through this life, lost in confusion. You are not that.
You are Nature.

Look Gardener, and you will see you are deeply connected to the land, a child of the Earth Mother, intricately and meticulously braided into the web, like bird who is connected to sky or whale who is connected to sea.
You are connected.
You are not separate.
You are Nature.

Be still.
Watch. Listen. Breathe.

The Garden is talking, listen Gardener, listen. It will teach you the way, the way of the wheel that goes on and around for always and always.
The seed that becomes the fruit, the fruit that feeds and returns to the soil, the soil that transforms into fruit and the fruit that bears the seed.
The Earth revolves in an ever transforming dance of opposites,
light and dark, hot and cold, growth and decay, birth and death,
turning and turning around and around and around the great sun,
here in the Garden of Existence,
here on the great wheel of life.

Nothing exists without its opposite. Do you see that Gardener?
Do you see the wheel?
You are inside this hoop.
Everything that is, is happening inside the sacred hoop.
And you are the one who witnesses it, you are the one who is aware of it all.
You are aware.
You are here.
Isn’t it breathtaking Gardener?
Breathe, Gardener.
Love, Gardener.
Be, Gardener.

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