Learn To Grow

Looking to Learn how to grow your own food? Just Starting out, a seasoned farmer? Below you will find a wealth of information that Over Grow The System has gathered for you. From soil health to tending the land, from seed sovereignty to tending the herd, our goal is to empower you to be resilient, steadfast, and well fed. 

In these uncertain times, it has become even more clear to many of us that our current food system is broken. Self & community reliance is vital to get us though these times and into a vibrant future that is healthier for our families and communities. We must return to our roots, call on our great grandmothers and grandfathers for guidance on stewarding this precious earth. Join us in planting seeds for a bountiful future.

Soil & Land


Seed Saving

Seed Saving For Biodiversity & Food Sovereignty – Saving Seeds with Kristyn Leach

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The Importance of Seed Saving | HOW TO Save Seeds for New Gardeners

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Preserving The Harvest

Eating Stinging Nettle? Health Benefits, Harvesting and Pesto Recipe

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Animal Husbandry

Herbalism & Wild Harvesting



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