Learn to make a burlap sack garden in 20 minutes

Grow an abundance of food in a burlap sack garden!

You may have seen people growing potatoes in burlap sacks but this technique allows you to grow a whole burlap sack garden without much land.

They are amazing for growing an abundance of food vertically in small spaces where land is scarce. They can be placed on concrete, city green spaces, backyards or anywhere else.

We learned this technique in the slums of Kampala and Nairobi where they intensively plant the sack so it is exploding in food in all directions all over the sack!

REFARMERS created this video to show how easy it is to address food security and self-reliance by growing your own food anywhere you like.

Learn to make a burlap sack garden in 20 minutesAll you need is:

1 burlap sack (usually free from your local coffee roaster)

76 ltr/20 gallon bin of soil (approximately)

76 ltr/20 gallon bin of compost (approximately)

1 utility knife or scissors

8 – 20 vegetable starts/seeds (you can also use flowers, herbs and certain fruit and berries, strawberries work great!)



If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to comment or contact me at https://refarmers.org

For more photos of finished sacks and other cool ways to vertical garden, check out https://refarmers.org/urban-food-grow…

Thank you!!!

Marie-Pierre Bilodeau


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