Growing Hemp Runs Deep in America’s Roots

If you were an early American colonist and Jamestown farmer in the 1600’s, growing hemp was required by law, simply because the world was being commanded by large fleets of ships, and those ships needed hemp rope and sails. Thomas Jefferson, the author of our Declaration of Independence was a hemp farmer, the document itself was written on hemp paper, and so was the U.S. Constitution.

It’s clear America’s roots run deep with growing hemp. It’s been a source for parchment, rope to rig merchant and military ships, and linen to make clothes, flags and more. Plus, you can eat hemp. You can wear hemp. You can make fuel and feed out of hemp, and it doesn’t require irrigation or pesticides. Yet, today the United Stated imports $500 million in products made from industrial hemp simply because US hemp has unjustly found itself listed as a Schedule I substance under the Controlled Substances Act even though it has no psychoactive properties.

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Harvesting Liberty was made to address the current status of industrial hemp in the US.

  • Directed by farmer/surfer/environmentalist Dan Malloy and produced in partnership with Fibershed and The Growing Warriors Project.
  • All Photos Taken by D.Hedden 2015



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