The Grass-Fed Market Garden: No Water. No Weeds. No Tilling.


Last summer, we got to spend one of the best weeks of our lives with our dear friend & mentor, Jim Kovaleski at his summer abode just outside Eastport, Maine.  

Since last year’s visit, we’ve been spending time compiling some fantastic footage into a one-of-a-kind educational experience!  We officially launched our online course with Jim Kovaleski & can’t wait to share all the excellent content with you!  

Imagine a personal garden mentor that’s available to you now & always in your own free time & comfort.  You will be learning in a way that is natural & entertaining, by following this market farming master through a week in the profession & lifestyle as a market gardener.  You will save money/time & even earn income with the advice & innovations you will find within the online video course.  

Jim is known both in Maine & in Florida to be a very unique farmer.  Through his winters in Florida, he is playing with the boundaries of rules by growing seasonal market vegetables in an ornamental presentation, making as beautiful front lawn curb appeal.  But here in Maine, his method that stands out the most is the use of his freshly scythed (cut) grass in his garden beds.  

This grass, or hay, has proven it’s worth over & over each year for Jim.  The proof this year was in spite of a drought, with no access to water – he was still able to produce an abundance of produce & he owes his prize-winning onions & other veggies to this grass-fed soil fertility.  To learn more about Jim’s methods:

We have tons of free YouTube content as well with Jim if you are looking to learn more about his Maine & Florida Market Gardens.  Here’s our playlist with Jim –


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