Feeding Ourselves : Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative

Today, the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community, in partnership with the American Heart Association, Echohawk Consulting, and the Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative, released the video, “Feeding Ourselves.” The video is part of the Seeds of Native Health campaign and serves as a visual representation of the recent collaborative report by the same name.

“Feeding Ourselves: Food Access, Health Disparities, and the Pathways to Healthy Native American Communities” explores the complex historical and contemporary challenges to Native American healthy food access, childhood obesity, and health disparities.

This report (available at tinyurl.com/feedingourselves) encourages its readers to take the first step toward a solution – becoming aware of the extent of the problem of Native health disparities and its deep interconnections to U.S. Indian policy, poverty, historical trauma and food systems.

Ryan Red Corn, Osage, of Buffalo Nickel Creative created the video.

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