Farmers in a Dangerous Time: Angela Moran

This post in presented in collaboration with WOMEN WHO FARM

“How can we fix this broken food system in our world? Well we can start by securing one community food system at a time.”

— Angela Moran

The backdrop of Angela Moran’s childhood ranged through rust-belt towns; from Niagara Falls, ON to Detroit, MI, and more. Boarded up downtown cores and dilapidated buildings were completely normal sights… until Angela planted a tree as a teenager. In response to her upbringing, Angela immersed herself in regenerative farming communities across the western hemisphere, becoming attuned to the complexities of our globalized system, issues surrounding food, and food justice. Angela has dedicated the past 8 years envisioning and implementing plans for an urban farm field school as well as Victoria’s first commercial aquaponic system.

Twitter: @MasonStreetFarm


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