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The vision for Over Grow The System is to create an effective and compelling platform that can empower and activate people across social spectrums, while also addressing the real issues and challenges that the world faces today. A platform that can inspire people to reclaim their freedom and their power from the cultural mechanisms of control and complacency in order to live more in balance with the cycles and systems of the natural world

SYD WOODWARD – OVER GROW THE SYSTEM FOUNDER – Syd Woodward is the Founder/Owner and Director of Over Grow The System. He has over 10 years experience running Online Media and is an accomplished Videographer, Photographer, Digital Media Editor and Social Media Manager. Sydney is committed to deepening our relationship with nature and environmental activism through education. Currently he is expanding his skill set in teaching and facilitation


HEMMIE LINDHOLM is dedicated to the exploration of art as an inspiring tool of crafting culture. She is the Co-Owner and Director of Over Grow The System. She has over 8 years experience in Creative Design, Production and Marketing and is a published Writer and Multidisciplinary Designer. Hemmie is currently mastering skills in Photography and Videography.



SAGE BIRLEY – OVER GROW THE SYSTEM WRITER – Sage Birley is a 4th generation young farmer and agricultural journalist living on his families century old farm in the BC Peace Region. After gaining an associate of the arts in community development Birley returned to the Peace Region to assist in the operation of the family’s organic grain farm and establish Little Peace Market Gardens on the property. Prior to returning to the farm Birley traveled to work on other farms and market garden operations around BC. As a journalist Birley has had the opportunity to connect with and learn from a diverse range of producers and community members. Interviews have allowed Birley to draw from a wealth of knowledge within the agricultural community and beyond. Through his experience Birley has seen the intimate connection between sustainable agriculture and healthy community. It is his belief that by fostering a connection to the land and each other we can grow healthy abundant communities that act as catalysts for change



CRYSTAL STEVEN – OVER GROW THE SYSTEM WRITER– Crystal Stevens is a mother, an herbalist and a writer who tends the land as a CSA farmer on the bluffs of the Mighty Mississippi with her husband Eric Stevens. She is passionate about educating others through creative expression via art and photography. She teaches dozens of workshops on gardening, small scale permaculture, art, medicinal herbs, holistic living, parenting and more. She develops curriculum for children who visit the farm during summer camp as well as for her summer garden camp for kids.  Crystal is a blogger for Mother Earth News and has contributed to Permaculture Magazine, Grit Magazine, and The Healthy Planet.


DAVID KARR CO-FOUDER GUAYAKI – OVER GROW THE SYSTEM MENTOR– My passion is to share the extraordinary Guayaki story and to introduce people to the rich yerba mate culture and uplifting beverage.  I encourage people to develop a relationship with the plant and discover how mate can be a powerful plant ally in their life.  I find meaningful work in collaborating with forward thinking individuals to create sustainable, scalable, and ethical solutions to challenges facing humanity.  I love passionate dialogue, creative tension, and both connecting with and inspiring people.   I find great insight in the following quote:“Syd’s passion for Over Grow the System inspires positive action and demonstrates how taking back stewardship of the land is not only a step towards healthy sustainable living but a giant step towards planetary sustainability.”  

CAROLINE HARGREAVES – OVER GROW THE SYSTEM WRITER –  NORWEGIANSAGE.COM Caroline Hargreaves is an interdisciplinary writer and researcher who explores living systems and environmental economics among other themes. Author of Growing A New Economy – Beyond Crisis Capitalism and Environmental Destruction. Diplomat currently working in Kathmandu, Nepal. Political scientist – MSc in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies from London School of Economics, MA in International Relations from University of St. Andrews.

WANDA STEWART  -OVER GROW THE SYSTEM MENTOR. – Wanda Stewart is an urban farmer and homesteader, educator, mother of twins and comrade to many in the movement to educate and inspire others to grow their own food and communities.  She believes that the skills to grow food and medicine, to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit, and to live cooperatively and communally, are essential to our collective survival. She is committed especially to working with other African Americans to reframe our shared history, trauma, and greatness through the act of legacy gardening.  Wanda blends her professional skills in community outreach and program development with her personal passions for people and urban farming.  She seeks to model, galvanize, and support whole life transformation – in individuals and in community – through the act of gardening and the lens of African American culture and traditions.



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