Growing Organic Food , Feeding His Community: Eduardo Rivera ‘Sin Fronteras’ Farm

“I’m aware that I can’t change the world, and I can’t feed the world, but I can impact a certain amount of people around me, and basically that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Eduardo Rivera, 33, moved to the United States from Mexico at 10. He now runs an organic farm, Sin Fronteras (“without borders”), in Stillwater, Minn., whose goal is to provide organic produce for low-income Latino communities.

It is difficult work, and not simply because farming is hard labor. Organics are expensive to grow, and he wants to keep prices low. A community-supported agriculture program helps bring Mr. Rivera’s peppers and tomatillos to market at an affordable rate, but price fluctuations, and weather, provide great challenges.

Taste Makers is a documentary series exploring the challenges facing young people in America who aspire to careers as chefs, farmers and food-industry entrepreneurs. The subjects are ambitious and driven, but their futures are by no means clear or assured. They stand alone, and move forward on their dreams.




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