Biggest Gift We Can Give Our Children? A Connection To Nature. Lisa Lloyd, Stowel Lake Farm – WILDER ONES

*This video and post was made before the name change to WILDER CHILD*
Stowel Lake Farm is a run by group of people dedicated to the health and vitality of the land, ourselves and the greater community through the practices of organic farming, and by hosting spiritual and wellness related community events and retreats.

Over Grow the System presents Free Range Child: A documentary and media project that examines the connection between a child’s development and her or his connection to the natural world and to food production.  It celebrates the lives of families and their support networks, both rural and urban, who are engaged in linking children with nature, and savours the bounty of precious moments of discovery, magic and growth that spring forth from these connections.

Partnering with children, parents, farmers, and professionals, we seek to better understand the contemporary circumstances that create alienation between children and the natural environment and the effects of this disconnect on their development.   We’ll examine the issues surrounding raising our children with access and engagement to natural and agricultural environments and how technology interacts or interferes with these connections.   Most significantly we’ll spend time with kids and learn what children themselves  can teach us about the natural world and their place in it.

Syd Woodward is a west-coast based artist, specializing in media production and curation. He is also a photographer, filmmaker, and blogger and the founder of Over Grow the System, an online nexus for sustainability activism . His work is committed to deepening our relationships with and roles in building a greener future.  Free Range Child is inspired by the wild and young people he picks blueberries with, and by those small ones he wanders through the trees with.  As part of an on-going exploration of contemporary agricultural and remote communities, the time spent with children in these places fuels and renews Syd’s hope for the future and it is his goal to galvanize that hopeful spirit in the rest of us.

With Over Grow They System as his platform, Syd will dive into this topic through film, photography and text, with the aim of producing a feature film by 2016.

If you are interested in helping this project grow, please consider making a donation here.

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