Stories That Resonate – Seed Planting In Fertile Ground : A Conversation With Rising Appalachia

Rising Appalachia was invited to White Crow farm during their summer 2015 tour across Canada to engage in a candlelit front porch community dialogue and song with Over Grow The System during their permaculture weekend workshop series.  The theme of the discussion was art and activism (amongst other topics) and what sort of crossroads, junctions, and opportunities we find ourselves facing when we want to speak to deep collective social and environmental themes with our art forms.  Individually, Chloe Leah and Biko discuss their own backgrounds and inspirations as well as the larger work of the band and their ideas on how to develop more sustainable strategies within the music industry and touring band model of the modern troubadour.  This video captures a brainstorming process, not a road map, and is a seed planting in fertile ground. Wider Circles, their new album and title track, is a folk anthem song that has direct reference to some of the environmental work they do in the south with the anti-mountain top removal collectives as well as the energetic call to justice through harmony and sound, community and family.  Touring stages all over the world, the band is incredibly honored to be able to visit farms and centers where talk backs and envision sessions can happen in collective and engaged spaces.

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